Five Things You Can Do To Make Your First Skydive A Little Easier

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Five Things You Can Do To Make Your First Skydive A Little Easier

17 February 2018
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Skydiving is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you don't want to miss out on if you have the opportunity to try it. However, a lot of people struggle to overcome their fear of that first skydive. 

Getting through your first skydive is all about preparation. You need to prepare yourself mentally so that you're able to easily muster up the necessary courage to enjoy your first experience of free fall.

The following are five things you can do to prepare for your first jump:

Learn some relaxation techniques

Just about everybody experiences stress and jitters on the day of their first jump. Training yourself to relax on demand is a great way to ensure that your jitters don't tempt you to call the whole thing off.

Taking slow, deep breaths in an out is one thing you can do while you're in the plane to calm yourself down. You can also train yourself to meditate or relax your muscles to relieve some of those jittery feelings before your jump. 

Put faith in your instructor

You're required to do a tandem dive for your first dive for a reason. The instructor who goes with you on your tandem dive can ensure that there are no mishaps and your jump goes smoothly. 

Your instructor is going to take care of you throughout your entire first skydive experience. Put your faith in your instructor and rely on him or her for answers to all your questions to put your mind at ease. 

Have someone go along with you for encouragement

Ideally, you'll be able to do your first skydive with a good friend along with you so that you can both have the unforgettable experience together.

When you go with a friend, you also have a handy source of moral support and encouragement when you need it.

Have your mind set on accomplishing the jump

They say you can do anything you set your mind to. Make sure your mind is set on accomplishing the jump and that you won't let yourself back down. Anticipate the fear and stress that you may feel when you get in that plane and get over them with your determination. 

Carefully follow instructions

You can distract yourself on the day of your first jump by focusing on the instructions.

Your instructor is going to inform you of when the jump will begin and when the parachute will be released. You're also going to get some on-the-ground training beforehand about how the jump will proceed and what is expected of you in a tandem jump.  

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