Tired Of Hearing "I'm Bored" From The Kids? Rent An Extreme Sport Inflatable

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Tired Of Hearing "I'm Bored" From The Kids? Rent An Extreme Sport Inflatable

18 April 2016
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Whether it is just a weekend or all summer long, if you are a parent of pre-teens and teens, you are probably tired of hearing "I'm bored." It can be hard to find things for your kids to do that will keep them busy, entertained, active, and out of trouble. If you work all day and the kids are home with a babysitter, you can't just take them to the water park or zoo as they wish. To break up the monotony every once in a while, rent an extreme sports inflatable. Of course, you want to be sure the babysitter is capable of watching them on it. Consider the ages of the children and then consider these different inflatables available.

Bounce House

If you have some younger kids mixed in the pre-teens or teens, you should consider getting a simple bounce house. It is safe enough for children ages three years and older. The important thing will be to make sure any older kids are out of the bouncing area, or simply chaperoning when the younger kids are inside and playing. While not exactly an extreme sport, the kids can jump, flip and even wrestle each other.

Mechanical Snowboard or Surfer

Older kids will get a kick out of the mechanical snowboard or surfer inflatable. Similar to a mechanical bull in that the "board" is mechanized to move the way you would if you were on the slopes or riding a big wave. You can choose which level of skill you want to try and go for a ride. The inflatable area around the board ensures no one is going to get hurt if there is a wipeout.

Obstacle Courses

To get all the kids involved, and have a bit of competition, rent an inflatable obstacle course. Contact a local inflatable company, such as Adventures In Climbing, to find out what styles they have available to make sure you get one that suits the ages of the children. Kids will climb, slide, joust, and swing through the course to see who gets to the finish line first. The inflated base keeps everyone safe and is even fun to land on when you fall or get knocked down.

While renting an inflatable might not be something you can do every weekend, if you and the neighbors get together you can plan a few times throughout the vacation for this type of fun. The company will come and set everything up, and then take it down when your rental period is over; there is nothing for you and the kids to do but have a great time. 

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