Four Things To Know About Skiing For Your First Time

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Four Things To Know About Skiing For Your First Time

21 November 2016
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Going skiing can be a lot of fun, but many people do not know what to truly expect when they go skiing for the first time. While it is important to dress warmly, it is also important to make sure that you have the right equipment to make the learning process as easy as it can be. Many resorts have rental equipment available that you can use until you are ready to invest in equipment of your own. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about skiing, before you hit the slopes.

Your Boots Need to Fit You Snugly

Many people do not realize how tight their boots have to be in order for them to ski. Your boots are what holds the skis to your feet and they need to be very tight so that the skis stay on when you go on the ski lift or when you simply fall after trying to go down a hill. Many people need someone else to help them tighten their boots at first to make sure that they are tight enough.

Your Skis Need to be the Perfect Length

Skis come in all different lengths and the length you need will often be based on your height. A ski instructor will be able to help you narrow down the selection that is available to you to ensure that you wear a pair that will give you the support you need.

Wear Sunblock Before Hitting the Slopes

Before heading out to start skiing, be sure to put on plenty of sunblock on any areas of skin that are exposed. The sun can bounce off of the white snow and hit your skin, causing you to get a sunburn if you do not wear sunblock.

It Will Take Time Before You Leave the Bunny Slopes

Do not expect to be the best skier on the slopes after just a few hours. You will need to start off on the bunny slopes and master them before moving on to the more complicated slopes. You need to be as safe as possible and move up at a slow pace to ensure that you are not badly injured while skiing.

Skiing is a very addictive outdoor sport because there is no feeling in the world that compares to the rush you get zooming down a mountainside with the crisp cool air blowing in your face. Once you get the hang of it and are ready to invest in your own ski equipment, take the time to choose the pieces that feel the best to you. You will need to break them in before they will be perfect, but be consistent and wear them repeatedly and they should feel great in a very short period of time.

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