Can You Be Too Old to Skydive?

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Can You Be Too Old to Skydive?

12 January 2021
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There are some age restrictions when it comes to skydiving, but these are actually a minimum age requirement. It can vary from state to state, but anyone wanting to skydive generally needs to be at least 18 years old. There's no upper age limit on skydiving, so if you're an older person who wants to take the plunge, your age won't exclude you. That being said, there are some issues associated with age that can play a role in your suitability.


You don't need to be a world-class athlete to skydive, but some physical fitness is required, especially as far as your mobility goes. Solo skydiving is another matter, as this calls for formal certification. You would need to adhere to the requirements of the United States Parachute Association A License Proficiency Card, as well as complete a minimum number of jumps. 


Most recreational skydives are tandem, meaning you are securely attached to a professional, experienced jumper. Primarily, you will need to be able to angle your legs before landing, so that the instructor's legs can touch down first. If the training session prior to your tandem jump should demonstrate any shortcomings in your required mobility, your suitability to jump might be in doubt. That being said, it can simply be a matter of learning the correct technique.

Heart and Lungs

You will be asked about any underlying health conditions before a jump. This is especially relevant for any cardiovascular issues affecting your heart and lungs. Even though you will be in a controlled fall for the skydive, it's still a physical exertion, not to mention the excitement (it's not called an adrenaline rush for nothing). Those with cardiovascular issues might not be permitted to jump.

Your Teeth

Not all older people have missing teeth, but dentures become more common the older a person gets. If you should have detachable dentures, you will need to skydive without your teeth. The speed of the fall (and the wind pressure this creates) can easily dislodge your dentures, and it's certain you won't be seeing them again. Always remember to remove your dentures and store them safely before boarding the plane. 

Your age won't prevent you from skydiving; it's more about certain conditions that can be associated with age which might make the idea unwise. Most people won't encounter any such restrictions, so get ready to take the plunge. Contact skydiving services to learn more. 

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