FAQs About Zip Lining for First-Timers

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FAQs About Zip Lining for First-Timers

26 October 2021
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Zip lining is a thrill every time you go, but nothing will compare to the first time you fly along the line, looking down at the trees below. As excited as you may be about zip lining for the first time, though, you're bound to have some questions about the experience.

Do you need to be in good shape to zip line?

Not really! Being reasonably fit is a good idea since you have to climb stairs to get to the launch of the zip line. However, you don't really need any real fitness to soar along on the zip line. You'll probably be out of breath when you reach the end of the line, but that's more because people tend to hold their breath as they zip — not because zipping requires physical exertion.

What should you wear?

Wear something soft and comfortable. Most people prefer tighter, more form-fitting clothing as it won't bunch up under the harness you wear while zip lining. You wouldn't want to wear jeans and a button-down as the stiffness of the clothing may cause it to pinch and rub under the harness. Sweat pants or leggings, plus an athletic top, is the perfect combo.

What if you start moving partway down the line?

This only happens on occasion. Most people get more than enough momentum to make it all of the way from one end to the other. But rest assured that if you do stop moving partway down the line, the crew can shift the line in a way that gets you moving again.

How risky is zip lining?

As long as you zip line at a licensed facility, you'll be safer than you may think. The industry is closely regulated. Lines, harnesses, and other equipment are regularly inspected to make sure it is in good shape. While it's not impossible for you to be injured, it is highly unlikely.

Can you zip line with another person?

Some zip lining companies do allow people to zip line in tandem. In other words, you can zip line while harnessed directly alongside another person. Other companies do not have the setup or harnesses to allow for this. If tandem zip lining is something you're interested in, call the company you plan to book with and ask if they offer this service.

Now that you've had some questions answered, you're more prepared for your zip lining adventure. 

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