4 Tips For Anybody Experiencing A Zip Line For The First Time

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4 Tips For Anybody Experiencing A Zip Line For The First Time

1 March 2023
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Have you decided that you want to go zip-lining for the very first time? Gliding across beautiful scenery while being suspended by a wire can be an exciting experience. However, you'll want to know the following tips before you go.  

Know What To Wear

Knowing what to wear is going to make your zip-lining experience an enjoyable one. Pick out a shirt that is going to fit comfortably for the climate that you are in. Consider long sleeves if you are going through a forest area and do not want to be bitten by bugs. 

For your pants, you should avoid wearing really short shorts to prevent them from riding up too high. You'll be wearing a harness that you put all your weight on, and you need some length to your shorts to prevent them from pulling them up too high. You should also wear closed-toe shoes, since there may be some climbing or hiking involved. 

Know What Not To Wear

Some things that should be avoided are loose jewelry or anything that could get caught in the equipment that you are using. You should also wear your hair in a style that is pulled together tightly since you do not want your hair to get caught in the equipment as well. You'll also want to avoid wearing anything that can fall off you while zip-lining. If you do wear something loose, such as glasses, bring a safety strap so that they stay on your face. 

Know How To Brake

There are various tips that the instructors are going to give you about how to ride the zip lines. However, the most important thing to know is how to brake at the end of a zip line. Some zip lines have auto braking mechanisms, which is when you hit a piece of wood or another object on the cable that slows you down. Other zip lines may require you to do your own braking. 

Manual braking will involve moving the handlebar on the zip line from left to right to cause friction against the cable to slow you down. You will likely need to start doing this earlier than you anticipate to land at the next platform at a comfortable speed. 

Know How To Pull Yourself In

If you do get stuck somewhere on the zip line, you'll need to use some arm strength to pull yourself in. You'll be wearing gloves to help with navigating the cable on your own. However, a good rule to remember is to never grip in front of your harness, since you do not want to get your fingers pinched in the equipment. 

Contact a local zip line service to learn more. 

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